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Album: Track 5 on Insides Out
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This is the ode
To Camila Rhodes
First on our block to wear fluorescent clothes
I don't know why
I'm wasting my time
Singing 'bout
Camila Rhodes
Camila Rhodes
Her best friend
When she was three
They communicate through ESP
His name is Engle
He's a stuffed dog
Yes you heard right
He's a stuffed dog
Camila Rhodes
Oh my God you guys, you know what?
You know you had to be there
While waiting in line
To see Hard to Hold
She confessed to me that she was Jessie's Girl
Obsessed with GH's Noah Drage episodes
When two o'clock rolled
The world was on hold
She has no clue
That anything's wrong
For proof just go to
She steals all our jokes
I'm telling you folks
She'll take credit for this song
This is the ode
That Camila's owed
For all the teasing that we've bestowed
Lest we forget
To pay our respects
To the one and only
Camila Rhodes
I always knew that you were out of your mind
But now you know that you never left mine
Oh my God you guys, you know what?
Oh my God you guys, you know you had to be there

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