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Artist: Joss Stone Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Introducing Joss Stone
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Work it
Girls, we gotta work it like we do
Turn a head or two
'Cause we worth it
So I ain't gonna waste my time waiting on you
Gotta make your move
You have my number for
Two or three days or more
If you're a real man, then you can't ignore, this
Sometimes it's physical
But I want supernatural
I don't have wings, but I'm ready to fall
I deserve it all

Head turner, yeah
Soul burner
If you're gonna watch my walk
Then watch me walk
Head turn, yeah
Are you a slow learner?
Come and take my hand
'Cause I'll find another man
If you're gonna watch my walk
Then watch me walk

You gotta earn it
Nothing in life is free
You gotta bring your love to me
Baby (baby)
Baby (baby)
Emotional, I got it
Sexual, I got it
Spiritual, God knows I got it
What you want, baby, I got it


No one can love you
Like I love you
No one can do the things
That I would do to you
I'd do something about it
If I were you
I feel my heels as I'm walking over you

[Chorus: x2]

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