Hi-Lo Song Lyrics

JT Money


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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap


Hit 'em (17x then to background of hook)
[Hook: 2x]
Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii
Hit 'em loooooooo

[Verse 1:]
I only drop the hotness
Don't see haters cause them suckers can't top this
Ain't nobody in da game who can stop this
When it come to wicked flow's you know I got this
Every time I drop this
I come like an erect ****, ready to waste ****
You see them killers with me and them suckers jack quick
I put it down, like this **** is too heavy
I let you know I'm coming, you still can't get ready
We blowing pounds
***** **** smoking them nickel bags
We big bossin', all you clowns looking ***
Play crazy boy, recline you like laz-e-boy
**** wit JT boy ***** see what a happen to ya
I ain't just rapping to ya, ***** it's on
I'm in dis ***** one mo gen claiming my throne
That playtime you suckers had was over with
JT Money in dis *****
***** know dat ****, that's right

[Hook: 4x]
Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii
Hit 'em loooooooo

[Verse 2:]
I turn it off and on like light switches
Taking suckers out the game who ack just like *****es
I'm nice wit dis
Ain't no time for no sucker ****
You see a ***** violating better bust his ****
Got no luv for no snakes and no playa haters
Pushin' these **** *****s buttons like they elevators
My **** too hot and I'm close to scorching yours
****ing you up ***** like you at "The Source Awards"
Close shop, ***** don't stop playboy
Suckers swear they got game but I play none
Don't step out yo league into big tyme
Talking 'bout you want to get mine
Split ya with time, ***** what
Bring the ruckus, taking out these suckers
I keep saying this coz I mean it mutha****ers
You suckers and busters, I can see through ya heart
You *****s scared of war, you don't want it to start

[Hook: 4x]
Hit 'em loooooooo

[Verse 3:]
***** ain't taking no pity on these buster *****s and trick hoes
Stay on the grind, work my mind, programmed to git flo'
Now can they **** wit da J?, **** no!
You *****s know they got no wind from the git go
So git yo-*** up out of my face
Who dat all brand ***** tryin' to get erased?
Going down babe boy
Money Man in dis *****
Gotta problem, ***** ****
We can handle dis ****

[Hook: 6x]
Hit 'em loooooooo

Hit 'em (until fade)