Judy Garland After The Holidays Lyrics

Artist: Judy Garland
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Please Stay With Me,
Till After The Holidays!
That’s When I Need You So.
Just Say You’ll Wait,
Till After The Holidays!
Then I Can,…Let You Go..
Don’t Make Me Face,
This Christmas Alone!
After each wonderful Christmas we've known!
Won’t you be kind,

Let Me Believe,
Your “Mine”…On New Years Eve!
Till After The Holidays!
I Know It’s Hard But,…Try!
Try to pretend,…Till New Years
Don’t make me face,
This Christmas alone!
After each marvelous Christmas we've known..
Won’t you be kind and let me believe
Your “Mine” on new Years Eve..
Just Stay With Me,
Till after the holidays!
I know it’s hard but,…try!
Try to pretend,…Till New Years
Then we can say goodbye!!!
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