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Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on It's Lonely at the Bottom / Unstuck in Time
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The hours tick by slowly
Like lashes from the hand of time
I've never had these feelings before
But I know that inside I'm dying

Falling deeper in a pit of emotions
Not sure of what I should do
Feeling trapped by my indecision
With the anticipation of being alone

I look inside but i'm afraid of
What I see when I look in your eyes
I get scared they might look at me
I stare with a sullen glaze

From infinity to eternity
I stare in your eyes they're black
So black but never look back at me
I don't want you anymore

But that's what makes me want you more
Annihilate myself when I think of the game
The raw guilt and directed blame
Retaliate for the things that upset me

But my conscience won't let me
The more I know the more I don't want to know
Questions in my head about the way you feel
Tie knots in the fabric of my mind

I want to get away from you but...
I can't get enough of you
I was alone
But I was happy

I let you in and you tricked me
There's nothing I can do for
My thoughts and feelings
Can't you see we're screaming

I saw it coming
But I didn't know what hit me
The flame was dying
You came and lit me

But now it's over and the flame
Has gone away
Just like you

Now it's worse than ever before
Now I've never been so alone

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