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Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on It's Lonely at the Bottom / Unstuck in Time
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Burn down L.A.
What's there to say
That justice had been served
I wouldn't have those T.V.S.

And the beer that I deserve
Drag them out of their cars...
Shoot them in the head
Just because you're not like me

I wish you were all dead
And as the fire devours
Our hate runs over fifty thousand miles an hours
And as it lit up the sky

Looting passion glowing in my blood shot eyes
Burn down L.A.
All in one day
That's how it had to be

Now I watch the Simpson's
90210 for free
Thank you Mr. Darryl Gates
For all you've done for us

Now that we burned down all our jobs
I guess that took some guts

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