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Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Just Joined
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Everyone'sa sucker
For a guy who hates the mainstream
If everybody liked it
Then it couldn't be PC
If the radio will play it
Then the band must be a sellout
I would never like those guys
I heard those guys eat meat
They're just too corporate rock for me
I'll never drink a Pepsi
Or a Coke or Mountain Dew
Those companies use small countries
And exploit the workers too
Everyone will see
They pollute the air we breathe
Corporations suck to me
I hate cops
And I hate jobs
I hate everything
I hate school
I hate you
And I hate me
I don't drink and no sex
It just isn't right
But fighting a crusade is a natural high
I hate CDs but my demos rule
I only like bands
Before they get cool
I guess everyone is different
Let them do what they feel
When two people like the same thing
It's not a big deal
But bashing everything that others do is lame
Trying to be different
Is what makes me the same
Anyone's opinion is their own
And if you don't like it,
Just leave it alone
So be an exception to the rule
Corporations are pretty cool

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