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Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Elimination
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You always wanted
To be left alone
When they said to you
Those things won't matter anymore
Will it stay with you
And when the morning comes
Would you say that I lied
Or could you want to die
Over something that was equally
Measured in time
Not something that I wished for you
All those dreams you know that won't come true
They will all die alone for you
The kind of thing you gave up to see
I tore a page from the list of lies in the past
Something that you always wanted to be
You weren't cut out for the things if you took
You would last
Leave me alone
When I say to you
That I'm not the one
The impervious son
Set me on fire with the honest hand
Could you only want yourself
When I'm in command
To make your life what you want to be
You've got to smash all the things that get in your path
And less forget for who it should be
Put your hand in the box and you'll see
Don't hold that mirror up to me
I've had enough from what I can see
I'd try to get up but I don't know how
I'm too locked into it now
And if the morning comes
When my ticket arrives
Could you say that I've lied
Over something that was equally
Measured in time

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