Jughead's Revenge - One for the Bouncers Lyrics

Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Image Is Everything
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One for the bouncers
You're never gonna get it right
Every time I turn around
You always seem to be the one
Who's starting the fight
I know you're most of the problem
Because you're so insecure
You send that message to everyone
That you got something to prove
Real big in your own little world
Makes you feel bad as you break the face
Of some drunken fifteen years old girl
I thought that you were the one
Preventing that kind of thing
I'm glad you get paid a lot to jump some
Kid from behing
The clubowners they don't mind
They just get you out on bail
It never ends without fail
Lawsuits you wish them away
Send it to the band because why should you pay
It can't go on for long
Something you should think about
When you are hearing this song
Could you ever quit
Every time I turn around
You always seem to be the ones starting that shit

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