Jughead's Revenge - Surrender Your Secrets Lyrics

Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Just Joined
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You fell into my life
At a time when things fell through
Last thing I thought i ever wanted
Was someone new
You know I've got
A string of broken hears of past
i know you've got a quality
That's so unmatched
So many secrets you don't show
But there's something that you'll show
Surrender them to me
One time you had the guys
Who smothered you in time
I'd just see you around
On a chance you'd be mine
I'd see your eyes in the dark
And think I see the star
Look through the open door
At the shine of who you are
Crown me from the start
The king of broken hearts
Surrender it to me
Secrets no one knows
But there's something that you'll show
Surrender it to me
That something deep inside
I pull right out of you
It makes you catch your breath
Hold it till you're through

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