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Artist: Jughead's Revenge Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Pearly Gates
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she was born to be adored
to break a thousand hearts
or a thousand more
first she had to handle
all the baggage that she had
left for her to carry that
would only drive her mad
he was born to be ignored
to cry a thousand tears
maybe a thousand more
he never would of dreamed
of holding fire in his hand
until he saw the reason
that he never thought he'd have
if you ever want to see me
come on over
if you ever think that you'll have the time
because I've been waiting
and I'm just getting older
won't you give me a sign
she was cool and
she was pristine
he was one of the biggest dorks
she had ever seen
but that's ok
the guys who think they're cool
are only losers anyway
they were born on separate roads
it only goes to show
you never know
the Cinderella story
of a guy who never won
a girl who took a call
not knowing what she had begun

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