So Alone Lyrics

Juliana Hatfield

publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Juliana Hatfield
album: Track 8 in album How to Walk Away
release date: 2008-8-19
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length: 4:01
engineer: Rudyard Lee Cullers
cello: Jeff Hill
bass guitar: Jeff Hill
piano: Jason Hatfield
guitar: Juliana Hatfield, Andy Chase, Jody Porter
melodica: Andy Chase
synthesizer: Andy Chase
keyboard: Andy Chase
violin: Tracy Bonham
drums: Ethan Eubanks
strings arranger: Andy Chase
mastering: Scott Hull
mix: Andy Chase, David Kahne
producer: Andy Chase
programming: Andy Chase
lead vocals: Juliana Hatfield
background vocals: Rudyard Lee Cullers, Andy Chase

Cover Art

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It's late at night and you need somebody to talk to
But who of all those people that you once knew
And if you called just what would you say
Would you break down straight away

You're so alone
You're so alone
You want to die and nobody knows

You keep leaving messages that don't say anything
Like, "Hi, how's it going?" pretending you're okay
You disguise your fear so you don't scare them away
You don't want to go to sleep because the nightmares keep you awake

Your heart is beating strangely
Nausea and pains throughout your body

[Chorus: x4]

You've told everyone who ever meant anything to you
To please just go away
And now you've got nobody what are you supposed to do
It's getting late and the night is getting darker
And you're fading away

You're fading away

And you're talking to yourself
Is this really happening?
And I'm talking to myself
Is anybody listening?

[Chorus: x2]

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