Juno - A Listening Ear Lyrics

Artist: Juno Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on this is the way it goes and goes and goes
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Without a whisper I could feel the impending disaster. Without a murmur- swallowed by the fracture. Anything anything anything to make your heart stop faster. Caress the inside like a boxer to the body. Until the body drops. All you ever wanted was all you gave. All you ever needed was all he took away. Your own private apocalypse. The self-loathed abandonment reflex. Blunt point though it hurts- the knife will always fit. Ecoute mon amie- are you listening? Does it hurt my enemy? Is the machine malfunctioning properly? All these tears still to come after me. All you ever wanted was all you have and all you ever needed was all he took away. A listening ear waiting to hear its name.

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