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Album: Track 7 on Overtones
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I'm not a young man anymore
But I've got the face of a
19 year old
Probably be a dad soon
Sitting in my front room
With my kids, play doe mold

But I just hold on to
What I've got
Right now

I'm not who I used to be
Trust me
I've got plans everyday next week
You know your getting older
When the kids on the corner
Have you baffled every time they speak

So lets just hold on to
What we've got
Right now

Looking round at my friends
And I see that the end of an era
Has come to pass
The fun and the games
And the fluid in our brains
Have all been reduced by half

So lets just hold on to
What we're got
Right Now

I'm not a young man anymore
But I've got the face of a
19 year old
Everything's changed
But I can't complain
Cause I'm doing pretty well all talk

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