Justin Hayward - The Lights Are Low Lyrics

Artist: Justin Hayward Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Moving Mountains
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And the music now is slow
And we ask the night
How can this be wrong and feel so right?

They say it's true
I'm a fool to trust in you
But then who are they
Who are they to know, I need you so

Did you ever look in the mirror
And see a stranger standing there
Did you ever drive for miles and miles
And wonder how on earth you got yourself there

I feel your magic as we move and sway
Seems like my self-control is slipping away
Let me taste the love, let me drink the wine
That's yours and mine

Did you ever wake up in the morning
To find that nothing, nothing was the same
And the only thing that really matters
Is the pleasure and the pain

The lights are low
And the music now is slow
And we ask the night
How can this be wrong, and feel so right?

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