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Artist: Justin Rosolino Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Wonderlust
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I don't know why I fear of things
That are not there
Or why sometimes your touch
Is more than I can bear
Or why these broken wings
They fit me like a glove
But I know that I love
To know I'm loved
I don't know why when I am
Blinded by the pain
And give my comfort you
When you feel the same
The darkness melts away
And the sun breaks through above
And I know that I love
To know I'm loved
I don't know why I hate the sound
Of my own voice
And would you have me sing for you
If you had the choice
Is mine a pretty song
Does it move in you enough
For you to know that you love
To know you're loved
So touch me now no matter how
I cry or scream
Unless love wakes me
I shall never rest nor dream
And bind me in your arms
Or else I'll not be free
Nor ever mended whole
Until love shatters me
I'll give you all I am
And pray that it's enough
Just to know I am loved
To know I am loved
Just to know I am loved

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