Commandante Lyrics


publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Jeffrey John Burrows, Jeffrey Scott Martin, Stuart Chatwood
album: Track 6 in album Joyful Rebellion
release date: 2004-8-24
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length: 3:46
arranger: k-os
assistant engineer: Kristina Ardron
engineer: Roger Swan
acoustic guitar: Russ Klyne
piano: Chris Gestrin
keyboard: Chris Gestrin
tabla: Santosh Naidu
trumpet: Sarah McElcheran
percussion: Santosh Naidu
drums: Ray Garraway
bass guitar: Toby Peter
mix: Roger Swan
producer: k-os
spoken vocals: Carla Ottens, Theresa Ottens
background vocals: Russ Klyne
lead vocals: k-os
writer: Kevin Brereton, Russ Klyne

Cover Art

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This is an ambush

Yo looking at my watch it's about that time
To ascend with this art of zen
Another rhyme manifested in the physical miracal mc'in
Leadin' to a revolution solution is seein
The mind is a rotate so make no debate when I regulate
All the generals will terminate
Cause we cut and slice irrelevance to the bone
And decapitate rappers that idolize Al Capone
Or Jimmy Hopper, not a Hip-Hop copper
Just a vigilante with a mic that'll shot ya
Chopped the, beat up who then proceeded to rock the
Bells livin quite wells til' we gotta hopped the
Train raw like Big Daddy Cane 'cause I'm born on the same day as Kurt Cobain
Rap Nirvana, call me the Beat piranha
Without the drama, yeah

Don't let this wrongness revolution song
Hoping the wind can blow your way for once
A man is truly dead when confidante
That's why we're all still waiting here so long

Astrologically, I'm the water and a fish
Made a wish now I'm a stone cold lyrical catalyst
I don't eat fish, chicken or hamburger
But I eat phony emcees on a hot plate
God's great, magnificent and beneficent
This is militant, in particular significant
To the people, masses, lower classes
Making the hardest of hard colloid look flaccid
Contaminants with backstage laminates
Unoriginal thoughts that why we stay atimate
With frequencies that alter the mind-state
Makin' time wait, holdin' us up for hostage
I lost it, turned my back in '96 when they say complain the game
I'm back in the mix, with a brand new bag of magic and pixie dust
I love Hip-Hop, pray it never turns into lust, check it out


Hey, hey, hey, ayee!


Commandante, come back home
Commandante, come back home
Commandante, come back home
That's why we're all still waiting here so long

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