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[Verse One] Fillin 'em all, killin a bull, by drillin a hole, willin to skull And blow torch your asshole when its freezin cold Stage a raid, invade with a blade, made a killa spade Still I sprayed and slayed your crusade Witness a mercenary, vocalist high jacker Attacker of a weapon packer Voluntary mind cracker Scandelous vandelous lyricalstry, play by play analyst Psychological stable staged panelist Ran a list of every women and man it be, demandin me, handin me Mental methods that fuck with my sanity, the murderers parasitic Avalanche starter, harder than froze water Homicide, kickin hoes the first quarter Lyrical dose, in risen my brain, trapped in a prison Caught in a vision, of verbal mack truck collision Truth and veracity, never diss None have outlasted me in 2000 cubic foot brain capacity Mass the readvance, terminology, geology, its part of me biology All that shit follows me, swallows me up Mentally burn 'em and eternally shoot 'em ya feedin, proceedin, tongue bleedin so eternally Massacre whack
er vernacular, quick I'm articulate smack the shit outta victim With hard ass boots I kick you with, domination Every station's facin incarceration The ??potions ya facin?? of lethal cyanide innovation Causin wackin enemies attackin and I kept it lyrical life jacket, terrible acrobatic knife hatchet Runnin past, I slaps a brotha who jocks us or knocks us, unmask his ass like ??Mil Mostrus?? [Hook x2] 10 in row, 20 in a row 30 in row, 40 in a row Ultimate flow [Verse Two] Systematically translatin South Park sounds You aint down with the sound, then you drown underground Radical, dramatic attic acrobatic, I touch 'em and stomp 'em And force in his fist, cuz I'm a lastingness arsonist Brain patterns posess, manipulation of Manson Mental multiplication, universal expansion The verbal evolvacle, viscious royce, irresistable Super vigerous, fillin vocal, invasions are physical Just me in a balled room, I'm Steven Seagul I get even wit' y'all, talk shit, now he's not breathin at all Dedication to victims of a ro
ugher nation Suicidal somersault, psychological suffocation Thoughts for better y'alls, hyperthetic theoretic My system pressures pump, bring a personal paramedic Decipher the script of this, hieroglyphic hyptnotist Jelous motherfucker hit my face and it ripped his fist Equivalent of a brass knuckle brick storm, bullet fighting beast swarm Verbal Vietnam bomb, bone breaker of lyrics, paralyzed 'em and crushed 'em Mentally performed brain surgery without touchin 'em Yo [Hook x3] 10 in row, 20 in a row 30 in row, 40 in a row Ultimate flow

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