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It gets...it gets easier
Without you
I won't feel right...I can't feel right
Without you
But it gets...it gets easier

I was in misery without you
I could not imagine life without you
It was such a painful thing to go through
To have you being taken away
But I...I dried my tears
Even though it took a couple of years
I guess I had to just let go of my fears
Of being alone...but it gets

[repeat chorus]

I thought my life was over without you
Thought I would be oh so sad darling
Cuz you left me here, to face all my fears
All by myself, with nobody else
Now that you're gone I just gotta move on
But my lovin's never changed
It'll always stay the same
I felt you were wrong
The lonely nights alone
I get weak then I'm strong
It gets easier

[repeat chorus]

Sometimes it's really hard to just let go
Don't feel like moving on...Oh yeah I know
Just breathin' air is hard to bear
Whe the one that you love is not there
Thoughts of you sit heavy on my mind
I always reminisce on our good times
I just take it day by day
I know that'll never be easy
But I can say it gets easier

[repeat chorus]

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