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To love again [x5]
Drowning in tears
Life won't beat me
I will soon me
Free from the chains of all this pain inside
And though I cry
It won't be long
til I ergain the strength to know
I can go on
I will find my way
Through the heartbreak
I will not give up on love
I believe
I will learn to love again
I will learn to trust
Once my heart starts to mend
I will learn to
Learn to love
All of these tears
Time will dry them
I will survive them
and make it through into another day
All of this pain
Time will heal it
There'll be time to time I know
But I wont feel it
I will live through
Life without you
After the hurting is done
I believe
I'm gunna find someone
Who deserves my touch
after all the hurt is though
I will be so over you
I will not give up on love
I believe
Yeah Yeah
Again.. Again..
To love again [x8]

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