Kaci - Everlasting Lyrics

Artist: Kaci Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Paradise
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I've had enough of all these stops and starts
It always brings me back to these two hearts
Let's not put it to an end
Baby, let's not lose it all again

[Chorus: ]
Here we are, at the start
Of another great adventure to the heart
Will it be everlasting
Now I know, this is real
I've just got to let you know the way I feel
You and me everlasting

I should have seen the pain I put you through (oh,oh...oh)
Forgive me for the things I did to you
I'm sorry if I let you down
I'll make it to your this time around

[Chorus: ]

So if you need me, I will be there beside you
Just let it run free, I know that our love will take us through

You and me, everlasting

[Chorus: ]

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