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Album: Track 11 on Soon Come...
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7 people started walking (and talking)
With 7 different ways to run
1 of them started to cheating
So he'll will be always be a prodigal son
(now there is) 6 people who climbed up a ladder
High up with unsteady gait
It's dangerous in this ya stormy weather, yeah
When the river is in spait mouthpeace you come to late
They dig on in a sandpit, talking in a pulpet
(now there is) 5 wheels under the wagon,
They can't decide who is the first mate
(much to much) to much to carry on
You can't be 5 in a quartet
4 men tussel and hustle in a castle
But they can't see everything from the watchtower
There's only 1 way and it goes to Brussels, yeah
They chat away hours of European powers
They dig on in a sandpit, talking in a pulpet
(now there is) 3 wise men on a wandering
And all good things are 3 in numbers
You can't rule a country with good looking
If you want to reach the top you have to scrumble
2 men sailing on the ocean
With a wind from the east and a wind from the west
So their boat sail in slowmotion
On that score you can set your mind at rest (still we are go saying)
They dig on in a sandpit, talking in a pulpet

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