Kansas How My Soul Cries Out for You Lyrics

Artist: Kansas
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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The night was cold, was deja vu
I went on thinking we were too
How my soul cries out for you
To many places we once knew
To many faces, still no clue
How my soul cries out for you
I didn't think I needed you when I got out on my own
Dead set on having my way I was convinced that
I was right and you were wrong
Then I started thinkin' to myself
Well maybe what they say is true
How could we get so turned around when you needed me
As much as I needed you...
I tried to get you on the phone
No one answered, no one answered at home
I heard that you thought we were through
Somethin' I had, somethin' I had to do and
How my soul cries for you
How my soul cries out for you
It cries for love that we once knew
How my soul cries out for you
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