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Artist: Karate Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on The Bed Is in the Ocean
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Just ignore the red phone bill. Just put it up on the sill and close your eyes. It'll be there in the morning. Just get some sleep before the sun. Lay down your head because you're the lucky one. You're in. You're out. This is a fucking warning. Let go off possibilities. Just lay your wallet next to me. You never wanted it to be that way but your parents want it to be that way. Just stay right where you are. One more month of broken glass, and one more sitting on your ass. You're in. You're out. This is a fucking warning because all plots tend toward death yuo've read, but don't you get that through your head. You just remember what your landlord said because Diazapam, it willl leave you dead. Just stay right where you are.

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