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Artist: Kardinal Offishall Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Not 4 Sale
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[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
Yo! I'm tryin' not to wear three X's no more
It's OK now Carter stand 6'4
You can hear the insecurity in my voice right
I don't take my chain off on the mics
My security piece
It gives me security (security)
I'm waiting for the ghetto to secure me
I just put away thirty percent for my taxes
Twenty for the feds, the rest under my mattress Huh
I gave my wallet a botox injection
A bunch 'a rude boyz in'a your section
Tryin' to give my tax bracket an erection
A seventies entity Girl look at my complexion
If you can smell my cologne, you're too close
You small time, My +net+ what you made gross
Seven days everyday when you from around my way
I'm married to the life girl, catchin the bouquet

[Chorus: Kardinal Ofishall & Pusha-T]
Set It Off(Oh oh eh!)
Fire Me Up [Repeat: x4]
Hold It Down((Oh oh eh!)
Yeah That's It [Repeat: x4]

[Verse 2: Pusha-T Of Clipse]
Pusha, Yeah
Trim set 'em Thin better than I
Comin' through in the slim leathers that's followed by the fives
My and My *****s call the coupe Jekyl and Hyde
Cause the roof's On and Off's Like They In and Out Of Their Minds
Eggshell pale ti-da-tota on the scale
The old nine's is out and I ain't waiting on a deal
The same time the ************s bargaining and lawyering
That coke money just keep pouring in and pouring in
Quarter mil bling-bling, that's the price of fame, lame
I should have a title and a D.E on the chain man
Re-up Gang pyrex over pie roll
Stir it till it's hard, Pop it out, let it dry slow
Recipe for Greatness Me and Carty now ***** taste this
You ****ing with the A-list. Face it.
***** this tha' swag Four-eighty-five hangin' off my ***
We call it Frivolous cash ( What the ****)


[Verse 3: Malice of Clipse]
(Now listen)
Superstar Like Lupe
See me in the Coupe Hot damn It's a new day
I remove the roof as if it's a toupe
To shed light on the jewels, Glue on blu-ray
High definition
I get cash two-twenty on the dash and a self start ignition
Tola don't love me but she keep insisting
Brain so good it's hard to keep my distance
Red Carpet entrance play clothes fashion
Nose in the air I smell a Chanel platinum
Re-Up is the Gang, I rep with a passion
Till the wheels fall off and It all Come crashing
Malice with Mr. Carter now
Behind dark tint like we on the prowl
Nothing like money make a ***** loose her blouse
Well done homie, we rich take a bow.


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