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Artist: Karine Polwart Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Faultlines
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There's a whisper at the window And I don't know what it is Maybe it's the sound of the wind in the azaleas Matt's away on business And he calls me on the phone But it's hard to get to sleep at night when I'm alone I pull the sheets around me And I hear that sound again Maybe it's the sound of the wind in the azaleas And when I was young I used to leave a note upon my bed And it said “Dear Mister Robber Man Don't shoot me and my sister dead” I double locked the door downstairs I do the same each night And I turned out the light I turned out the light I'm sure I turned out the light All the lights are on at number 5 They've been on for days and days It's the middle of the afternoon in August Billy Marshall checks the porch Sees the mail has not been read And someone's cut off all the azalea heads Matt's on television and he's looking quite distressed He says he cannot understand The kind of man who would've done this He says he didn't call on Tuesday ‘Cause he was working lo
ng hours And now she's lying Now she's lying Now she's lying like the azalea flowers

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