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All the things I tried,
Mistakes made in my old life.
I picked you up that night,
All my wrongs don't make you right.

Silence reminds me,
I'm a secret to dirty to keep.
And we're such a familiar sight,
I gave you my word and it cost your life.

What are you still hiding? Are you even trying?
Why have you come? What are you waiting for?

All the words you had,
Planted seeds inside your head.
Just waiting on a rainy day,
Well, I'm standing soaking and you still can't say.

All the dreams you had,
It's been years and you're still mad.
You say you like me in your memory,
You've got to be ****ing kidding me.

Why have you come? What are you waiting for?

And we drive through the old neighborhood,
All the corners where we stood.
An hour passes, you don't even blink.
I'm writing you off and you still can't speak.

Why have you come? What are you waiting for? (x4)

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