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Artist: Kathy Troccoli Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Pure Attraction
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Gonna close my door
Gonna shut all the lights
Want to be alone
With you at my side
Tell me all those things
That I long to hear
In that still small voice
Whisper in my ear
To be alone with you, Jesus
It's such an honor for me

Pour Your life into me
Fill me with Your glory
Let your love consume me
Oh, to be at this place
It's an act of Your grace
And there's nothing that I'd rather do
Than to help myself to You

There I go again
Gotta dry my eyes
'Cause when I look at You
I so often cry
I get overwhelmed
By the You I see
By the love You are
What a gift to me
I want to live in Your presence
I want to die in Your arms


When I can't see You
Help me to know
I can believe You
'Cause You've loved me so


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