Katrina Elam - The Breakup Song Lyrics

Artist: Katrina Elam Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Katrina Elam
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Years go by, the singers change
Same old story but the words get rearranged
Somebody loves someone, somebody left someone
Somebody swears it wasn't supposed to end this way

People dance to summertime
Happy songs with happy rhymes
The melodies make you want to drive and sing along
And singers talk about growing up
The first kiss and being in love
But nothing hits as close to home as the break up song
Violins and I love you
If the slightly miss their mark they ring untrue
But something 'bout goodbye making someone cry
Sounds to me more like what real people do

We need to talk, this ain't working out
Can we still be friends, I found someone else
I need some space, this just feels wrong
Everybody's lived the breakup song

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