Kayo Dot Sherman Park Memoirs Lyrics

Artist: Kayo Dot
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Blazing it in the city
Live to defile arts
Put us all behind bars
Lock us in a
The shit that I saw
Threw out my late teens
But break dreams and leave niggers
In state ...
Stand in that corner building
By that police department
You take a gamble
Daily jail time
That's just the life of the teen
With no proper god
I made a pact with my neighborhood
With a pack of lions
I seen the type of shit
That blow your breath away
But least hit the spot
My homey decoy the position
In case I got away
But it wouldn't be my last time
Back up on the block
With some stash time
You don't have time a short...
Tryin to dodge a shot case
Free to see the cops
Who leave from short pace
I was bout a short way from giving up
Really making matters worth
Addicted to the money
Remember staying up
All through the late night
Smoking with my homies
Selling great light
Stay together on a...
Remember Sherman Parks hot summer nights yeah
Nigger neat traits on
We was there nigger
Chain smoking
Two for dollar square nigger
We used to go to Jackie Robinson
I hope you get the chill
They go for check so
We can get enough
I got some sense...
I serve addicts by the kids
Bought a string though
I put as pistol to my friend over dream oh
I was aout of hand and of scene
But I changed now
Hadn't lost so many friends over senseless crimes
I drew a ...to the point it ain't no sense in crying
Just keep it moving
Got my blesses and I have to pray
Hope I live to see my son graduate
All I'm living for
Besides that kids in the troubled youth
Shorty's 13
She double deuced fire arms
They will fire
If you give a reason
Disrespect the ones
They squeeze at you for
My city's full of failures and lost souls
No happy in the storm he's always so show
Enter the cross roads
This place will be the death of you
You won't get a hand and get a start, a boost
To raise your top
Just take your troubles
And my vision's off
After all extended
Bottle lift the storm
Single mother pushing stroller
Rolling grocery bags
Meanwhile my life getting no defense
And hold this got
My check got rolling cash
If things change it ain't what it used to be
I gotta make it happen no excuse for me
Now hear my life exclusively
It's a hurdle, it's excess
You succeed, you fail
Become a ghost spirit
I started from that neighborhood
No shy
With niggers over time o a porch grind
But we gonna make it through the smoke time
I'm just speaking
Till you niggers spin these memoirs