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My poppa said fill my pockets with riches
Buy a big house in Bell Air
Tie the knot with a supreme court justice
Raise 2.5 million airs
But daddy dear, oh my wallets have emptied
I rent a shack on the shore
I know you want just the best for me
but i'm fine, just abiding my time
I'm just along for the ride
and there's no need for me to drive
I'm just along for the ride
I'm happy taking in all the sights
For I'm just along for the,
just along for the ride.
You insist I should have some direction
take a stand take control
Here's my two cents, let the first man drive me away
any old place
I'm on the bus going no where fast
I missed my stop, but it's okay
My prized possesion is my Mickey Mouse watch,
Oh I like it this way.
You might not approve of this road I'm traveling
My life is like a Sunday drive.
But thanks for asking about me anyway
I'll be alright
I like it this way.
just along for the, 5x
just along for the ride

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