Keith Sweat - How Deep Is Your Love Lyrics

Artist: Keith Sweat Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Make It Last Forever
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Is your love
How deep is your love
Is your love
How deep is your love
How, oh, how
How deep is your love
Oh, how`s your love

Been all day thinkin`, all night wonderin`
Why love has to change
You kiss me, but it`s not real
Tell me what happened

Are we living a lie, baby
Is that magic gone
Ooh, do you feel the same way you used to, girl
Ooh, tell me is it wrong for us to love like this

How deep is your love [How deep is your love]
How deep is your love [How deep is your love]
How deep is your love [How deep is your love]
Oh¡­ho¡­oh¡­oh¡­ [How deep is your love]

You run your fingers through my hair
You tell me you love me
You act like everything between us is alright, girl
But you know, you know that it`s not true

You love me or do you want to leave me, baby
Tell me, girl, I can take it
Something`s just not right, I don`t know, no
Tell me how deep is your love

[I love you] I love you
[I love you] I love you
[I love you] I love you, love you, love you
Oh, yes, I do, my baby

[Shooby dooby doo] Shooby dooby do it up [Shooby dooby doo]
Do it up, do it up, do it on up, babe
[Do it on up] Mmm, mmm
Shooby dooby dooby doo wop, baby

That means I love you, darlin`
I just can`t figure you out, baby
One minute I think you love me, and then next one I think you don`t
I don`t understand it

Woo¡­hoo¡­ooh¡­ hoo¡­ooh¡­ooh¡­hoo¡­ooh¡­ooh¡­
I`m just goin` insane tryin` to figure you out, baby
How deep is your love
I want to know, you got to tell me, baby

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