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First me n you made eye contact,
Ooh girl you're bootys lookin mighty phat.
Now that you got me watchin you,
Oh girl wot can I do?
I dunno if you is sumone,
Where the hell have cum from?
Can I get you're digits baby girl?
Ooh you kno you're rockin my world.
Look like sumthin from a magazine,
Ooh hope this ain't no dream.
Sumbody pinch me I don't want to wake up,
Cus I can't get enough.

I can't get enough of you,
I don't kno wot to do.
I want you girl in my life,
I jus gots to get wit you tonite.
Girl you kno you're doin you're thing,
Makin my body want to swing.
Tweek tweek tweek tweek me deep,
Cum on cum on get wit me.
All our fellas on you,
Jus wot you're buzz too.
I want to see wots you next move,
Ooh girl wot are you gonna do?
Bend on down touch ya toes.
Oh girl no you didn't no no.
No you didn't tell me you didn't do that,
Oh girl I'm about to have a heart attack.

You got me right right where you want me (ive got you I've got u)
I jus go crazy girl about you (boy you kno you want me right now)
I keep the chicks wishin,
They could get the diggins.
Get put in the missionary position,
(oh yeah) submit to my techings,
**** that higher now you're peakin.
Put my cd in,
N jus vibe.
Put the car keys in,
Jus ride.
To the club where we gettin in
Gotta a bottle of don n two threesomes come on.
Hop the bottles n pass the draw,
N I burn baby burn like disco inferno.
Give brain in my car till I'm smart
No concern for crashin my name ain't herb art.
This you're boy keep bangin on ya deck,
Ice on my neck make sure I don't sweat.
N I jus love em n leave em,
No reason for re-runs afta I freak em huh.
You're so fine it makes no sense,
Oh girl you must be heaven sent.
Now that you got me watchin you,
Oh girl what can I do?
Sumbody said look but don't you touch,
Ooh its the mud to the mud to the must.
Now you got everybody clockin you,
Guess wot I am too!
Up in the club,
Watchin ladies checkin their booty.
Up in the club,
Watchin ladies checkin their booty.

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