Keith Sweat - Never Had A Lover Lyrics

Writer(s) : Jones, Anthony M. / Sweat, Keith / Hilton, Charles / Hamilton, Roy / Linton, Ronald
Artist: Keith Sweat Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Just Me
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Whats up baby,
(Cause you ain't never had a love like me)
I know you've been a lot of places, seen a lot of things,
Seen a lot of guys
(Cause you ain't never had a lover like me)

Hey baby, how you doing?
Tell me why wont you smile
Oh sugar, I've been around
Sit down lets talk a while
She says, (ain't been in love in a while been going through some ups and downs and I need somebody)
And now I say, don't worry bout a thing baby I got your back
Your rollin' with Keith, you like that

I know you've been some things with some other guys
(Cause you ain't never had a love like me)
I know you tired of hearing everybody puttin' it down
(Cause you ain't never had a love like me)
Girl bring your body closer to mine
(Cause you ain't never had a love like me)
I'll make your body jump, scream and shout
And circuit do it all night long

I know you've been stressin' so I did somethin' special
Darling good for you, (good for you)
We're going to central bay baby we'll spend the day
Huggin' and kissin' you,
(When you give me that feeling are you gonna give me sexual healing
Cause I'm feeling you right now and you know its been a while boy)
Just tell me how you want it, baby girl I'ma come and jump up on it
So let me inside, you ain't never had a lover like me


Your body is here, looking sexy my dear
Girl I'ma give it to you anyway you want it
Nothing but chemistry between you and me
Your body is calling me
Let me show you the way girl
You should be loved, baby


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