Keith Sweat - Telephone Love Lyrics

Artist: Keith Sweat Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Get Up on It
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*"Right on a wrong way" is playing in the background*

her - *picks up telephone, so dial tone and dials number, so phone rings*

him *answers telephone* - Hello?
her - Hey, baby
him - Hey, what's up, baby?
her - Just laying here listening to some Keith Sweat, what are you doing?
him - Oh, i'm just chillin
her - Can your come over?
him - What about your man?
her - He's gone outta town for the weekend
him - Damn! You sure you wanna do this?
her - Yeah, i thought about it and it's exactly what i wanna do
him - Alright then, it's on baby, i'll be right over

him - *hangs up telephone*

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