Keller Williams - Alligator Alley Lyrics

Artist: Keller Williams Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Laugh
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I like to swim
where I can see the bottom
but where is the challenge
in swimming all alone
when I get the feeling
like I am being hunted
a rush of adrenaline
propels me home

*as I'm doing the backstroke
down Alligator Alley
flipping to freestyle
try to pick up some speed
ain't no time for breaststroke
got to get my ass to the other side
swimming like a speed boat
so I don't die
swim for your life

the eyes in the back of my head
are constantly scoping
looking for the choppers
that are looking for me
I mean not to threaten
I'm only searching for excitement
as I bolt cut the fencing
and I set Willie free
yeah, that was me


I'm physically shackled
but you could never chain
or restrain my mind
sporting a straight jacket
after my insanity plea
ignoring all the racket
of conventional reality


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