Keller Williams - One Hit Wonder Lyrics

Artist: Keller Williams Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Laugh
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Oh why can't I just latch on to your brain
And be that one song that drives everyone insane
Blowing, pumping right out of your trunk
That vibrate your sternum
The bazooka, a speaker of funk
That you feel,
From a block away
What is the deal?
I heard this song fours times today
Reel to reel
Backed by heavies in la
No even keel


Overplay is the only way (2x)
Oh to be a one hit wonder
That will be oh so superb
Oh only for 15 minutes or so
in and out and
nobody gets hurt
in and out
nobody gets hurt

Record label mafia
is a putting on the heat
With a new store in Seattle
The next day Miami Beach
the next day it's Jay Leno
and the next day Letterman
And then it's Oprah in chicago
Man, when will it all end?
But I say have now fear
I'll be gone before you know it
In my private Lear
No second chance I dont want to blow it
To my neverending luai
In 15 years VH1 'where are they now?'


A simple little ditty
With a sharp catchy hook
And three little cowboy chords learned from a book
A pierce above my eyeball
And em cutting down my hair
I'll do what I'm told until I disappear
Into thin air

Overplay is the only way(8x)


In and out
Nobody gets hurt

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