Kelly Rowland - Broken Lyrics

Writer(s) : Jackson, Phillip Lamont / Hermansen, Tor Erik / Eriksen, Mikkel / Rowland, K / Bereal, L / Blacksmith, T
Artist: Kelly Rowland Lyrics
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Broken, broken
How could you leave me
Broken, broken

I can say I erased you from my mind
And never think of you
And forget about the friends we made
If thats what I need to do
You can act like the only way that you exist is in a dream
It's the only way out of my reality

I can change the channel everytime our favorite show comes on
And get mad at the radio cuz they just played your favorite song
I could find another guy and try to love you out of my life
But it just gets harder everytime we try
Ohh thats why I'm

And its hurting me boy cuz you just left me
And because of you I don't know if I can
Love again
But I can't believe boy that this is the end (this is the end)
Be together once again
'Cause boy I'm broken

Broken, broken
How could you leave me
Broken, broken
How could you leave me

I can take the pictures that we took and throw them all away (All away)
And every letter that you wrote boy
I want to forget what you had to say (What you had to say)
Cuz I could never understand what you did to me on that day
That's the only part I wish I could replace
Can't you see I'm


Ohh if I had a choice
Baby you'd still be right here with me
And if you give me a voice
Baby I'd tell you I dont want you to leave
Cuz boy I'm broken

Broken, broken
How could you leave me (how could you leave me)
Broken, broken
How could you leave me
Ohh can't you see I'm


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