Kelly Rowland - Flashback Lyrics

Writer(s) : Bereal, Charles / Bereal, Kenneth M / Bereal, Joseph / Jackson, Brittany Koren / Nguyen, Huy Nhu / Rowland, Kelendria
Artist: Kelly Rowland Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Ms. Kelly
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I thought I was okay realizing I made a mistake
I've been doing some thinking ever since I saw you today
Maybe I said some things that I didn't mean, trying to change your ways
But my days ain't the same, maybe you should've stayed; I had a...

Flashback, flashback, I really love you
So sad, so sad, thought I was over you
Too fast, too fast; How I wish I could relive
The past, the past, oh, flashback, oh flashback
Flashback, flashback, the mistakes you made weren't
That bad, that bad; now that I saw you I want
You back, you back; How I wish I could relive
The past, the past, oh, flashback, oh, flashback

Flashback, I wish that I could get back with ya now
Don't wanna see another woman around
All these memories, thought I had you outta my mind, baby
(I keep trying, I keep trying and it won't stop)
These flashbacks - I don't want that
I just wanna go back where you messed up and erase that
I'm trippin', I'm in this zone; it's nothing but a...


You would call, come pick me up, take me somewhere no one knows
Ocean, candlelight, lay me down, and take it slow
(Unexpected messages) just to say "Hey beautiful"
Gave me attention, made sure that you kept me close

(But it's over now
But it's over now
But it's over now
But it's over now)

[Chorus x 2]


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