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[Verse 1: Kelly Rowland]
I promise I wont play second fiddle
and no I wont be caught in the middle no
dont worry about me, cause boy Im not gon miss you
not even a litte baby no I wont
I ait gon deal with that a little bit of that
hell no now thats a fact, not at all
I aint gon lie baby thats so wacked
how you gon try play me like that
when you know that I love you
so I hope that she can keep you warm

[Hook: Kelly Rowland]
If im not the one, then I guess you can number two,two,two
If I’m not the one, then I guess I wont be lovin you, you, you,
Cause I gotta be the only one, only one, only one.. your number one……
If I’m not the one, then I guess you can call number two, two, two
I guess I won’t be lovin’ you

[Verse 2: Kelly Rowland]
I dont care, I dont share, no no not with anyone
hear me clear, when I say Ill only be number one
and no I wont ever ever ever setlle
no compromise not even a little
see having another woman laid up in bed
isnt the idea of us I had in my head
since it aint me and you
then it cant be you and me
only time can tell will let you see
so I hope that she can keep you warm


[Bridge:Kelly Rowland]
Anything you want, you know I would have did it
baby you believe me, but baby you still
played my a deck of cards and now I cant forgive you
baby this is so true


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