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I had a hundred dollar ring in my hand,
So weak and tired,I can barely stand,
From being up all night, praying she'd say yes.
So with a hopeful heart, I hit one knee
With a tear in her eye, she looked at me
It was the moment of truth, I was scared to death.
My life hung on what that tear meant,
Then she smiled at me,
And I lost it.

No one can make me cry,
Make me laugh,
Make me smile,
Or drive me mad,
Like she does.
It's like a curse,
That is the cure,
Better or worse,
One things for sure,
It's real love,
And I don't know what I'd do,
If I lost it.

Well the honeymoon ended, and life began,
Jobs and bills, losing touch with friends,
And the apartment got smaller every day.
Then one night, the walls finally closed in,
I came home late, she said "Where have you been?
You used to call and tell me, "you're on your way."
She said, "If this is how this is gonna be, then I quit."
She walked out the door,
I lost it.


I picked myself up off the floor,
She walked back through the door,
We made love like it was the first time.


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