Kenny Chesney - I Remember Lyrics

Writer(s) : Crisler, Brad / Leblanc, James
Artist: Kenny Chesney Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
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I'm sittin' here alone,
Thoughts of you run wild.
I'm longin' for your touch,
Haunted by your smile.
No use tryin' to erase,
No one could ever take your place.

Well I remember how it used to feel,
Back when our love was strong and real.
And I remember tears in your eyes,
As I looked at you and said goodbye.
All I want right now is to forget,
Every single thing that I regret,
And drown out these embers...but I remember.

It's yesterday again,
Here inside my mind.
And I can't find a way
To leave your love behind.
I want to wake up to the day
Your memory won't stand in my way.


Well I want to wake up to the day
Your memory won't stand in my way.


And I remember... ohhhhhh
Oh I remember ya' baby...all of you my baby.

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