Kenny Chesney - No Small Miracle Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Chesney Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Me and You
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In a little town down south
There's little plow board house
With a wolf outside the door
And in the bedroom there's a light
Its been staying on all night
For at least a month or more
The heartaches and the bills keep coming due
And with all they're going through

Its no small miracle that love hangs on
Hearts get weary when hope is gone
In a world where roses wither and die
Its no small miracle when love survives

It's been uphill for a while
But he still makes her smile
Every now and then
Lately they been finding out
It's the little things that count
And they do what they can
He tells her he loves her everyday
She says things will be ok


In a world where roses wither and die
It's no small miracle when love survives

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