Kenny Loggins Hana Aluna Lullabye Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Loggins
Publishers: ©Kenny Loggins - Gnossos Music and Milk Money Music
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Length: 6:13

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Before you were born
I saw you in the sunrise
In the arms of my lover
In the music of the islands

And you were made of paradise
Of ginger and pikake
Wild mango and moonlight
And dreams of our sweet ohana

He lei poina ole ke keiki
(A lei never forgotten is the beloved child)
Aloha no, Hana Aluna
(Our love to you, Hana Aluna)

Tonight I rock you in my arms
And sing of our tomorrows
A song to call your own
A vision of mohala
(Opening as a flower)

And this is my prayer
My Hana Aluna lullabye
Wherever live leads you
Within you goes my aloha
(Love and blessing)
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