Kenny Loggins - Truth Is Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Loggins Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on How About Now
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Nothing lasts
We’re just pretending
The truth is
Bound to have it’s way
I thought we had it all
The perfect ending
How could you ask me now
To set you free
Cause I believe

If I could
I’d take you back in time
I know that you would remember that you’re mine
Oh but it’s no good
Even if I change your mind
I can’t change what the truth is

Truth is
You knew first
Our time was over
You’ve always listened to your heart
We loved so fearlessly
Few lovers go there
Truth is
It’s harder still
To let you go
Darlin’ oh

Repeat Chorus

I should be strong
I should move on
Accept an end

How can I ever love again
When I still believe in us
I still believe

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