Keyshia Cole - Losing You (feat. Anthony Hamilton) Lyrics

Artist: Keyshia Cole Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Just Like You
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It's been too long baby, since you've been gone from me.
And I miss your touch.
Cause no one could ever no, love me the way you do.
Oh no, no, no.

(Oh, and taking me away from you will be no damn good for me)
I need you in my life.
No one could compare to you.

I'm so confused.
Don't know if I'm losing you. (Don't know if I'm losing you, oh)
I'm so confused. (Oh)
Don't know if I'm losing you. (Baby)

And there no way I could ever find someone real as you.
Keep it true like you do.
And I don't wanna lose your love, oh.
Over being hurt before.
Being afraid before, no.



Baby, I know what you've been through.
So I'm here to relieve you.
Remind you.
Renew you.
Rebuild you.
Girl, I'll do whatever it takes just to reshape what he mess up.
Cause real love needs real love.
And I'm here love cause I need you.



Don't wanna lose your love.
Don't wanna lose you.

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