Khia - Snatch the Cat Back Lyrics

Artist: Khia Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Gangstress
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[chorus:] You make a bitch wanna snatch the cat back how you act wanna snatch the cat back I wish i neva let you hit from da back cuz now i wanna snatch the cat back You make a bitch wanna snatch the cat back believe dat wanna snatch the cat back gave you dis pussy now you dont know how to act and now i wanna snatch my cat back [verse 1:] I wish i neva let you suck dis pussy let you fuck dis pussy thugs love dis pussy I heard about ya otha hoe my nigga whats da deal my nigga be foreal my nigga got dick for days and ya head so good and ya money so long and ya dick so strong make a bitch wanna fuck and suck ya all night long or from da back but now i wanna snatch my cat back [chorus] [verse 2:] I wish i neva let ya get dis pussy let ya stick dis pussy let ya drill dis pussy i wish i neva wrapped my lips around ya rock my hips on top spin around then drop bounce bounce on ya dick suck ya lollipop jack jack doin it faster til ya beg me to stop start it ova from da top is dis good enough nigga dont stop lic
king suckin eat it up and you can beat it up cuz i like a strong big fat long dick to fuck me all night long pussy drippin tight and wet keep it comin back to back nigga how u gon act snatch my cat [chorus] [verse 3:] Im not the one to tolerate you fuckin otha hoes so you dont wanna act right then you gots to go cuz im hot for sho nigga dats how it goes like a game of 4 squared d man gots to go and know dis you will neva find another pussy good as mine dat gets mo better than this it gets no better than this thats for sho so bounce back snatch the cat back [chorus]

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