Khia Trina Diss Lyrics

Artist: Khia
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Ay yo Khia I heard this bitch tried to diss you
Are you serious
Hell yeah Im serious
Tombout she the baddest bitch
That bitch aint bad
You aint serious
I am serious yo, hit her up


Grab yo man when you see Khia (hoe)
Call the cops when you see Khia (huh)
Bitch tried to diss but she lame she aint finish
Now she bout to feel the wrath of a menace bitches (I hit em up)

First of all how you gon rap wit dicks flyin all out yo mouth
But Im bout to make you bow down to the queen of the south
Fake bitch if you was real you woulda said my name
But bitch Im callin you a hoe and Im sayin it to yo face
Keep it real punk hoe the hood already know
Thats why they fuck you in yo ass let a hoe be a hoe
Trick and Tan shoulda warned you not to open yo mouth
But Slip-n-Slide been beggin me to fill up yo spot
Ya album sucks more whore than you suck on a dick
Trickin all around town tryna hate on a bitch
Now hoe what you gon name ya baby? Baby?
Man I love you Lil Weezy but that aint yo baby
Rotten body corroded bitch cant even have no baby
Lil Weezy tighten up boo I'll have yo baby
I got a pussy dizzy bitch but I ride my own dick
Independent fuck a major and Im still rich bitch
I moved to Georgia cuz I can afford to
But Florida's my home
And all my thugs and thug misses know Im reppin them strong
Bitch Im reppin the hood cuz hoe I come from the streets
And that what happens to a bitch that try to fuck wit a queen!
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