Kick Axe - Feels Good, Don't Stop Lyrics

Artist: Kick Axe Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Welcome to the Club
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I Feel So Hungry And You're Such A Treat
Unwrap The Candy Ooh It Tastes So Sweet
My Engine Roars Every Time You Turn The Key
Foot To The Floor, Now You're Drivin' Me
Ha Ha - What You Doin?
Ah Ha Do't Take It Away
Ha Ha I Got A Burnin' Desire
Feels Good Don't Stop
Feels Good Don't Stop
Feels Good Don't Stop
Feels So Good
Sa Sa Sexual Tension, Can't You Sense My Heat
Fu Fu Frustration, Don't Get Cold Feet
Take Me, Shake Me, Break Me
Make Me Be Your Slave
Standing At Attention - Got To Give What I Crave
Ha Ha Where You Goin'
Ah Ha Why Take It Away?
Haha Don't Put Out The Fire
Feels Good - Don't Stop Feels Good
Feels So Good

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