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Album: Track 6 on Rock the World
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In The Days Of The Haze, The Color Was Deep Purple
And Our Heads Would Never Be The Same
A Distant Metal Voice, Gives Us No Choice
We Ride The Killing Machine
Like A Wheel That Keeps On Turning
And A Fire That Keeps On Burning
Maybe Tomorrow
But Not Today.
No, No...
Now The Sky Is Filled With Diamonds
And The Wind It Cries Mary
And Our Eyes Stare Through The Window Pane...
The Season Of The Witch
Brings Out The Bitch
And She Will Bring Us New Pleasure, New Pain
Like A Wheel That Keeps On Turning
And A Fire That Keeps On Burning
Today Is Now Tomorrow
Not Yesterday
We Still Remember
All Of The Reasons Why
We Still Remember
After All This Time
We Still Remember
The Flag Still Flies
We Still Remember
We Will Carry On...
Memories That Live Forever
Sweet Emotions You Will Treasure
Find A Place To Give Them Shelter?
Won't Get Fooled By Helter Skelter
In The Days Of The Haze...
(We Still Remember)
We Will Carry On...

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